pw-truckThe goal of the Rogers Public Works Department is to clear snow and ice from City roads as soon as possible. Delays may occur in the event of equipment breakdown or extreme weather conditions. The safety of the public and City employees is our top priority.

The City of Rogers begins plowing when snowfall depth reaches at least 2” or when roadway conditions warrant a response by Public Works personnel.  Equipment dispatch is dependent upon timing and intensity, weather forecast, personnel and equipment availability, and street priority classification.  The primary objective is to open streets to two-way traffic beginning with arterial and collector streets and followed by local streets.  Cul de sacs are generally opened by plowing the outside edge first with full clearing occurring within 24 to 48 hours.

Due to environmental concerns, sanding/salting will be limited to steep grades, high volume intersections, school crossings, or icy patches on priority routes.  Trails and sidewalks within arterial and collector street corridors and those within school walking zones will be plowed when accumulation exceeds 2” in a 24-hour period.

Residents are responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours.

The City of Rogers would like to remind residents that there is NO parking allowed on any City street from November 1st to March 31st, between the hours of 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.  If a vehicle is found to be parked between these hours, you could be given a citation and your vehicle may be towed.

Winter Fun
Discourage children from building snow forts at the street edge or sliding from snow banks into the roadway.  Instruct children that snow removal vehicles are dangerous, and they should move away from the road until it has been cleared and the vehicle has moved from the vicinity.

Right-of-Way Obstructions
Items which are properly installed and allowed by ordinance to be located in the right-of-way will be considered for repair/replacement only if physically struck by a plow blade, wing, or other piece of snowplowing equipment.  Trees, shrubbery, landscaping, irrigation, or other items located within right-of-way will not be considered for compensation.

Mailboxes and paperboxes must be mounted at minimum of 46” above the street level.  Properly installed mailboxes will be considered for repair or replacement with a standard residential mailbox and post only if physically struck by snowplow equipment.  Installations damaged by heavy or wet snow or ice coming from the plow blade will not be repaired or replaced.  The City of Rogers, Rogers Fire Department and Rogers Post Office are requesting your help in keeping the area around your mailbox clear of snow.  This will enable the postal carriers to deliver your mail without delay.  We are also requesting homeowners near fire hydrants help in maintaining access to the hydrants for the Fire Department should they be needed. 

Sod Damage
When streets and sidewalks are covered with snow, it is almost impossible for the snowplow operator to determine the edge of the road or sidewalk.  To minimize sod damage residents may place brightly painted stakes just behind the curb or sidewalks.

Private Property Snow Removal
State Law prohibits the placement of snow and ice from driveways in the public right-of-way.  Shoveling snow/ice onto streets and highways creates unsafe driving conditions and increases the cost of snow removal.

Winter Driving
Plows often need to slow, stop or back up, and falling, blowing, or swirling snow decreases visibility.  Allow ample room between your vehicle and snow removal equipment, and always assume the driver cannot see you.  Do not pass until the plow has reached a safe clear area and never pass on the right side of the snowplow vehicle.  Always assume that intersections, curves, bridges, and hills are slippery and drive according to road conditions.

For more information on:

* Property damage by City snow plow, call Rogers Public Works at (763) 428-8580
* State highway conditions, call MNDOT at 511 or go to
* County roads, call Hennepin County at (763) 745-7500
* City streets, call Rogers Public Works at (763) 428-8580


John Seifert
Public Works Superintendent
Dan Janish
Utilities Supervisor
Mike Sable
Street Department Lead
Scott Weltzin
Parks Department Lead
Patti Porosky
Administrative Assistant