Hennepin County adopted a countywide curfew ordinance in 1994 in response to a significant increase in juvenile crime and victimization. Many juvenile crimes occur during curfew hours. The county-wide curfew ordinance standardizes curfew regulation throughout Hennepin County. Curfews apply to anyone under age 18, at any public place, including streets, common areas of schools, hospitals, apartment houses, office buildings, transport facilities and shops. Of course, parents always can set tighter curfews and regulations for their children.

Curfew hours are staggered, depending on age and day of the week:

Juveniles under age 12, curfew times are:

  • 9 PM to 5 AM – Sunday through Thursday
  • 10 PM to 5 AM – Friday and Saturday

Juveniles between the ages of 12 and 14:

  • 10 PM to 5 AM – Sunday through Thursday
  • 11 PM to 5 AM – Friday or Saturday

Juveniles 15 to 17:

  • 11 PM to 5 Am – Sunday through Thursday
  • 12:01 AM to 5 AM – Saturday or Sunday