Night to Unite is exactly the same as National Night Out. Night to Unite, however, is a Minnesota based program that supports Minnesota communities and businesses. Night to Unite will celebrate and strengthen our neighborhoods and develop community partnerships.

Night to Unite is designed to:

1. Provide the opportunity for people to get to know one another in your neighborhood.
2. Develop neighborhood participation by bringing police and communities together.
3. Bring awareness to crime prevention and local law enforcement efforts!

Rogers 2015 Night to Unite is August 4th

Night to Unite is a time for neighbors to have fun, get to know each other and prevent crime in their neighborhoods.

Knowing your neighbors and what is out of the norm is important for identifying suspicious activity. The sooner the police know about a suspicious incident, the easier it is to find out whether there is a threat to people or property. Chief Beahen said last year when talking about crime prevention, “If it is suspicious to you, it is suspicious to us.”

You and your neighbors can participate in Night to Unite however you would like. This could include a barbeque, block party, potluck, game night, and combine it with a food shelf party or any number of other options. Be creative and come up with something that you and your neighbors enjoy.

Rogers Police will be stopping by each party that is registered with the Department at a time during the party. The Rogers Police Department is dedicated to building a relationship with the residents and believes this is a great time to achieve that. The Rogers Police representatives will be able to speak to the residents about what they can do to reduce crime in the neighborhoods and how they could form a Neighborhood Crime Watch.

Register by filling out the form below or call the Rogers Police Department with your information.

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