JULY 21, 2009

The meeting of the Rogers Planning Commission was held on July 21, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. was called to order with Commissioners Kornovich, Ihli, Noto, Knapp, Breun, and Denker present.  

Member(s) excused:  Stanley, Terhaar, and Olsen

Also present were City Administrator Stahmer, Deputy Clerk Splett and Councilmember Rauenhorst.

No one wished to speak.

Chairman Noto inquired if there was anyone who wished to place an item on the Agenda.

The agenda was set as submitted.

The following was added to “Other Business”
     • Resignation of Chief Planner Burnham

A.   Approval of the June 16, 2009 Planning Commission Minutes

Commissioner Breun moved, Commissioner Ihli seconded a motion to approve the Consent Agenda.

Commissioner Ihli inquired on the status of the Veit sign removal from last month.  Administrator Stahmer updated the Commission stating that the Council accepted their recommendation and denied the sign.  He has been in contact with the representative from Veit that the sign is to be removed.

On the vote, all members voted AYE, with Knapp abstaining.  Motion carried.

A.   Public Hearing to Consider the Addition of a Bed and Breakfast Ordinance to the City Zoning Ordinance

Chairman Noto opened the meeting for public comment. 

There were no comments registered.

Commissioner Knapp moved, Commissioner Breun seconded a motion to close the public hearing.

On the vote, all members voted AYE.  Motion carried.

The Planning Commission discussed the following:
     • Concerns with allowing this type of use within the R-2 Single Family Residential area,
        parking that is to be provided, and require that the residence is owner occupied.
     • Remove the R-2 Single Family district and add Rural Residential
     • What type and how much signage would be allowed

Commissioner Knapp moved, Commissioner Kornovich seconded a motion to recommend approval of the proposed Bed and Breakfast Ordinance as proposed with the following revisions:
     • Remove the use from the R-2 Single Family Residential district
     • Allow the use in a Rural Residential district
     • Add verbage that the home must be owner occupied

On the vote, all members voted AYE.  Motion carried.

Administrator Stahmer updated the Planning Commission that with the Planner’s resignation, staff will be recommending to Council that the City outsource with a planning consultant for all planning items for a short period. 

Commissioner Breun moved, Commissioner Noto seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:42 p.m.

On the vote, all members voted AYE.  Motion carried.


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