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Green Tips Blog

This summer we will be using this page to feature a weekly tip on how to become more 'green' right at home! Every Wednesday from Memorial Day until Labor Day, we will post simple and cheap ways to change things around home to lower your environmental footprint and save money! The tips will span ideas for gardening, conserving water, and even 'green' camping or grilling. Make sure to check back every Wednesday starting May 28th for Fresh Green Ideas!

Spending time outside with friends and family is certainly one of the best pastimes during the summer months. Minnesota has plenty to offer for activities to do outside. However, while participating in such activities, it’s important to also think of the environment. Here are some tips for how to stay green while having fun in the outdoors this summer:

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Nothing beats grilling with fresh veggies or adding a delicious salad to a picnic. One of the best parts of summer is the accessibility of fresh produce for our meals. The best place to get produce and ensure that it’s as fresh as possible is a farmer’s market. Vendors at farmer’s markets usually grow the food they sell nearby and sell their crops themselves. Therefore, buying from these markets allows you to meet the person or people who grew your food and ensures that the food only travelled a short distance to get to you. In general, the products sold at farmer’s market are grown in a more environmentally friendly way than most products found at a typical grocery store. By shopping at a farmer’s market you are supporting those within your community and lessening your impact on the environment.

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Invasive species are plants, insects, and animals that have been introduced to our ecosystem from other areas or countries and that present potential harm to the local environment, economy, or human health. Often, these species are very aggressive and take over landscapes, making it difficult for native species to survive. Currently in Minnesota, there are a number of invasive species that are threatening the native plant and animal communities including, the emerald ash borer, silver carp, buckthorn, zebra mussels, purple loosestrife, and thistles. It’s important to know what invasive species are present here in Minnesota and remove any that may be in your yard, get on your shoes and clothing after a hike, or even hitch a ride on your boat after a fun day on the lake. 

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