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Green Tips Blog

This summer we will be using this page to feature a weekly tip on how to become more 'green' right at home! Every Wednesday from Memorial Day until Labor Day, we will post simple and cheap ways to change things around home to lower your environmental footprint and save money! The tips will span ideas for gardening, conserving water, and even 'green' camping or grilling. Make sure to check back every Wednesday starting May 28th for Fresh Green Ideas!

In recent years, public transportation has become more popular than ever. In the past 20 years, ridership has increased 37.2% and last year alone, Americans took 10.7 billion trips, which is the highest it’s ever been. Considering current gas prices, it’s no wonder why ridership has increase so much, especially since public transportation is the easiest way to beat the prices.

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The average baby goes through 6000 diapers before potty training and everyday around 49 million diapers are used in the United States. It takes each of those diaper 200 to 500 years to decompose. This is hardly environmentally friendly and creates quite the ecological footprint for babies. Here are some ways to reduce their environmental impact from the get-go and help them start off green:

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Each load of laundry requires a lot of water and energy. And not just from you, but the environment too. The average washing machine uses about 45 gallons of water per load and each family does over 300 loads of laundry each year. That means that each household uses at least 13500 gallons of water every year to clean their clothes.
There are some ways that you and your family can alter your laundry routine to make the chore easier on the environment. One of the more obvious changes would be to update your washing machine and dryer to an Energy Star rated efficient machine. However, purchasing new machines is expensive and not always an option.

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