City Code / Ordinances

The City of Rogers provides a list of specific ordinances in the city code website.  These ordinances have been adopted by the City Council.  The official copy is maintained by the Administration Department at City Hall. 
Please contact City Hall for more information.

Ordinance NO. 2012-3 amends the Rogers City Code which establishes the B-3, Highway Business Zoning District and was passed by the Council on April 24, 2012.

The City annexed over 400 acres of land August, 2010. According to the Roger's Zoning Ordinance, those properties were immediately zoned Agriculture until otherwise changed. In order to assign a zoning district to those properties, Rogers held a public hearing in July, 2010 regarding the addition of two new rural residential zoning districts, RE-2 and RE-5. Since then, a few changes have been recommended and ordinance NO 2011-02 incorporates them.

Read more: Ordinance No. 2011-2

On November 24, 2009 the City Council passed ordinance No. 2009-10, An ordinance amending section 10-26 of the Rogers City Code, as it relates to dangerous and potential dangerous animals.  See the dangerous animal ordinance for more information.

The Rogers City Council adopted a revised swimming pool ordinance in June of 2008 that requires all persons who are planning to have a swimming pool that is over 5,000 gallons or greater than two feet in depth to apply for a permit.  This ordinance was adopted to help eliminate confusion caused by standards that were not clear in the City’s previous ordinance.  Section 125-373 of the City Code outlines these standards in greater detail.

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