Fire Department

Rogers Fire Department tours are given by request and there will be a charge. The current fee for fire department tours is $15 an hour per fire fighter. Tours typically last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour and require only one fire fighter. This also depends on the size of your group. You will be invoiced after the event has occurred.


Fire Extenguisher Demonstrations can be provided also with a $15.00 per hour charge.  Their is an additional charge for using the extinguishers.  The additional charge will be given to you when the event is being set up.


The Fire department makes no guarantee that the times you will specify will be avialble.  Events such as an emergency fire, medical response, severe weather, or unexpected personnel shortage may occur that force a delay for your event or a cancellation.


Birthday parties are often hosted at the station to go along with the tours.  We'll make sure to work with you to make your event a succuess.

To requrest a tour, demonstation, or an event at the Fire station, please fill out the online request form below:

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