Fire Department


Emergency Preparedness

Rogers is implementing a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  CERT educates residents about preparing for disaster and hazards that may impact the area.  Members are training in basic fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. For more information, contact Chief Brad Feist at 763-428-3500 and also visit the Citzencorps website.

The E-Mail notification system allows you to sign up for alerts to be sent by email. Emails will be sent out by the City of Rogers in the event of an emergency.

Fire Department Equipment

Below is a slideshow of the Fire Departments various trucks and equipment that is located at the Rogers fire stations.

Lock Box

All commercial and industrial buildings require a lockbox and must follow the lock box mounting requirements in a location approved by the Fire Chief.  If your building is equipped with a sprinkler and / or fire alarm system then a tamper switch on your lockbox is required. The City of Rogers uses DAMA lock boxes.

Lock Box Application