Planning Commission


The Planning Commission assists with long range planning and to encourage high quality development by making recommendations to the City Council on planning and zoning related issues.  The commission considers all City ordinances and information provide at the public hearings.  The commission will then form a recommendation to the City Council.  That recommendation is then reviewed at a future City Council meeting.  

The Planning Commission meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month.  Meetings start at 7:00pm at the Rogers Community Room and are open to the public.

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2040 Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update

Every 10 years cities are required to update their Comprehensive Land Use Plans (Comp Plan). The Comp Plan guides the city’s future growth and sets priorities about city services, growth areas, land use, and quality of life characteristics. The City recently kicked off the beginning of the 2040 update. Working with SRF Consulting group Inc. to assist with the completion of the update. During this process there will be opportunities for input from the public, including an on-line survey, Facebook and Twitter, public meetings and open houses. Stay tuned to this page for more information.