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Applications are now available for the 2014 Community Garden season. Garden plots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, according to demand and availability. 

 2014 Community Garden


Applications are now available for the 2014 Community Garden season.

Garden Assignments: All applicants must adhere to assignments and schedule, as set by the City of Rogers. Please see the garden schedule below. Assignments are given on a first-come, first-served basis based on demand and availability. 

Garden Cancellations: If you decide not to use your garden plot, please immediately contact Kristen Scott kscott@ci.rogers.mn.us or Mike Bauer mbauer@ci.rogers.mn.us or 763-428-0974. If your garden plot is reassigned, your fee will be refunded. 

Garden News and Information: E-mail is the preferred method of communication for all important garden information (deadlines, events, etc.) from the City of Rogers.  Information will also be available at the Rogers Farmers Market.

Garden Opening: The anticipated opening date for both gardens is May 12th, 2014. This may vary so all gardeners will be notified of the official opening by May 2nd. While you may survey your assigned plot, you may not garden until opening day.

Garden Closing: The anticipated closing date for both gardens is October 20th, 2014. Gardeners will be notified of the official closing date by October 3rd, 2014. All materials will need to be removed by this date.  Items not claimed by this date will become property of the City of Rogers.  Leaving items in the garden, including plant materials, may disqualify you from having gardens in the future.

Water: Water supply will be provided by the City of Rogers. Triangle Park Garden will have a water tank installed by May 12th. Water Tower Garden will have a seasonal water spigot installed by May 12th.  

Garbage: The City of Rogers will provide a waste and compost receptacle. Please do your part to keep the community garden clean. Each location will have a bin for collecting organics such as weeds pulled from your garden.  

Safety and Courtesy: Each gardener is asked to be respectful of other gardens and gardeners.This means that your garden is to stay in your garden plot. Do not allow vine crops to extend beyond the boundaries of your plot. Please keep all public pathways clean. Return hoses and other garden tools or supplies in uniform manner. Children must be supervised. Pets are not allowed. Be respectful to the growing practices of your neighbors. 

Critters: Traps and poisons are not allowed.  Because rodents and other animals may be prevalent in the nearby natural areas, it will be the responsibility of the individual gardener to control these pests within their own garden space. Non-permanent fencing is allowed, but may not cross garden pathways.

Organic V. Non-Organic Practices: Each gardener is allowed their own growing practices; please respect your neighbor’s choice. Weeding should be done weekly so that weeds are not allowed to reseed.

Garden Neglect and Weed Control: Each gardener is responsible for weeding and maintenance of their plot(s). If a garden has not been planted by June 13th and the gardener has not made previous provisions with the City of Rogers, those plots will be reassigned. Gardeners not performing necessary maintenance will be notified to rectify the situation within two weeks. Further non-compliance will result in the garden being mowed. The offending gardener will lose gardening privileges for the following year, but may return after their one year absence. 

City Inspections: The City of Rogers holds all rights to inspect gardens for compliance with Community Garden Guidelines and to take appropriate action to rectify the situation. 

Waste: Each garden will receive two containers one will be for trash and the second will be for compostable materials including weeds that originate at the gardens.  Please respect your garden community by using the containers respectfully.

Excess Produce: Since there is often a large amount of produce leftover at the community gardens towards the end of the growing season, this year the City of Rogers is offering the opportunity to donate excess produce to CROSS, the local food shelf. There will be a few ways to participate including planting a row of your plot, donating your excess produce each week, or donating any leftover produce at the end of the season. Participating gardeners will receive a sign to put in their plot to indicate that they would like to donate. Produce that spoils quickly, such as leafy greens, or produce from plots that have used pesticides will not be donated.

Plant-A-Row Donation: Gardeners can dedicate a row of their garden to CROSS. They will receive a 'Plant-A-Row' sign to indicate the row they are dedicating. City staff and volunteers will harvest these rows and drop the produce off at CROSS each week.

Weekly Excess Produce Donation: Gardeners can donate any leftover produce each week. After gardeners have harvested all the produce they would like for that week, they can place a 'Donate!' sign in their plot. All ripe produce will be gleaned and donated by City staff and volunteers that week.

End of the Season Leftovers Donation: At the end of the gardening season, gardeners can donate any produce that they will not use. There will be designated crates for leftover produce as well as 'Donate!' signs that can be placed in participating plots.


City of Rogers Parks and Recreation prepare garden plots.

April 1st
Early Registration: Applications will be accepted for returning gardeners. Plots will be assigned by the previous year’s assignment, then on a first-come-first-served basis, according to availability. Only one plot will be assigned to each applicant at this time.

April 14th
Open Registration: Registration is open to all Rogers residents. Garden plots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, according to demand and availability. Only one plot will be assigned to each applicant at this time.

April 25th
All Community Garden Applications are due to Mike Bauer. See Application for contact information.

May 2nd
Plots are assigned. You will receive an email (or phone call) indicating where your garden plot is located.

May 2nd
City of Rogers Parks and Recreation determine official opening day of gardens. Gardeners notified.

May 5th
Plots that have not been assigned by May 6th are now open to current gardeners. If you have indicated you are interested in more than one plot on your application, you will be considered for an additional plot.

May 12th
Anticipated opening day of garden(s).

City of Rogers Parks and Recreation monitor use of gardens to ensure gardeners are following Guidelines.

Oct. 3rd
City of Rogers Parks and Recreation determine official garden closing. Gardeners notified.

Oct. 20th
Anticipated closing day of garden(s). Please remove all items from gardens including plant remains.


The Community Garden application is available for download.  All applications are due April 25, 2014.


We are looking for a couple of people to volunteer for any produce donations. As a volunteer, you would help harvest produce from participating plots and deliver the produce to CROSS. The time commitment would be about an hour or two each week and day time availability would be preferred. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Aimee Carlson at acarlson@ci.rogers.mn.us with your availability and the garden at which you would like to volunteer.


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