The City is working on several new projects to reduce energy usage and improve public infrastructure.

Wastewater Treatment Efficiency – The City is working with an engineering company to design a more efficient process at its wastewater treatment plant. Currently, the City uses rotors to maintain a certain level of dissolved oxygen throughout the treatment process. This project will save energy and money by using dissolved oxygen sensors to control and optimize operation of the rotors. The City expects that this improvement will save $15,000 and 240,000 kWh annually.

Exterior LED Lighting – City staff are working on an exterior LED Lighting retrofit for the Rogers Wines and Spirits building. Compared to the current metal halide lights, LED lights use 75% less energy and last 5 times as long. This not only saves money, but reduces staff time required to change light bulbs each year.

Solar Trail Lighting – The City is researching solar trail lighting that would be installed on Rogers Drive. Instead of being connected to the grid, these lights would be powered by solar energy that is collected during the day and stored for use at night. This would save the city from paying for electricity entirely.

Water Conservation – City staff and an irrigation specialist have been meeting with local businesses to inspect irrigation systems and install rain sensors or smart controllers. New systems are expected to be installed by the end of May, resulting in a reduction of treated water being used for lawn irrigation.

Contact Information:

Mike Bauer

City of Rogers