Tax relief for property owners and renters

Several state programs, described below, exist to assist eligible residents with the rising cost of property taxes.

Property tax refund program

The first program is the property tax refund program, or "circuit breaker." For taxes paid in 2014, homeowners with 2013 household incomes up to $105,500 are eligible for a refund, and the maximum refund is $2,580. Some renters with 2013 household incomes up to $57,170 are also eligible for a refund. The maximum refund that may be available to a renter is $2,000, and the amount provided also depends upon the total rent paid in 2013. There are additional eligibility allowances for renters/homeowners over age 65; those who are disabled; and for the number of dependents. Forms can be obtained from the Minnesota Department of Revenue (DOR) and must be filed with the DOR by August 15, 2015.

Special property tax refund program

A second state program is the special property tax refund program for homeowners whose property taxes payable in 2014 have increased by more than 12 percent and are at least $100 over their 2013 taxes. The increase must not be attributable to new improvements, and homeowners must have owned and lived in their home on both January 2, 2013, and January 2, 2014. There is no limit on household income to be eligible under this program and the maximum possible refund is $1,000. The special property tax refund form is also available from the Minnesota Department of Revenue (DOR) and also must be filed with the DOR by August 15, 2015.

Additional information on above programs

All information about these programs can be found on Minnesota Department of Revenue (DOR) website or by calling DOR's tax help line at 651.296.3781.
The Minnesota House of Representatives Research Office provides some additional information about the state's programs on its Web site, including information on the homeowners property tax refund program, renters property tax refund program and special property tax refund program.


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