Utility Billing

The following rates will be charged by the City of Rogers for sanitary sewer, water and storm water for usage commencing on January 1, 2014:






Agricultural PUD

$3.72/per parcel per month

R-2, RE2, RE5

Single Family Residential

$3.72/per parcel per month

R-3 Mid-Density Residential

$3.72/per parcel per month for all sizes larger than 0.25 acres

$2.41/per parcel per month for 0.25 acres in size or smaller

R-4 Multi-Family Residential

$3.72/per parcel per month or $7.52/acre for parcels over 0.5 acres in size

plus $0.0010 per square foot of impervious area

B-1, B-2, B-3, B-C, LI Retail/Commercial/Industrial

$5.01/per parcel per month or $9.84/acre for parcels over 0.5 acres in size

plus $0.0010 per square foot of impervious area

INST Institutional

$3.72/per parcel per month or $7.52/acre for parcels over 0.5 acres in size

Parks & Wetlands


Special Industrial




  1. Fixed Charges
  1. A monthly basic charge per meter size to cover fixed costs are as follows:







1 ½”


















  1. The annual charge for State mandated water testing fees per connection is $6.36 per year. A monthly equivalent is .53 cents per connection. This charge is in addition to the monthly basic charge.

            B.        Commodity Rate
A tiered monthly water (“commodity”) charge is as follows:




Tier 1             0-6,000 gallons

Tier 2             6,001-30,000 gallons

Tier 3             30,001-75,000 gallons

Tier 4             Over 75,000 gallons


Tier 1             0-47,000 gallons

Tier 2             Over 47,000 gallons

   Metered Irrigation  

No Tier       0-999,999,999 gallons

$1.27/per 1,000 gallons

$1.59/per 1,000 gallons

$1.91/per 1,000 gallons

$2.29/per 1,000 gallons

$1.59/per 1,000 gallons

$1.92/per 1,000 gallons

$2.29/per 1,000 gallons





Flat Fee

(Paid by all property owners)

$2.50/per month


$2.82/per 1000 gallons

  1. Residential property owners will have their sewer consumption in the summer capped at the winter usage known as “winter averaging”.
  2. For residential property owners who have no winter water usage, the winter average would be based on 80% of the previous year’s actual water consumption for billing cycle.
  1. New residential property owners would have their winter average set at the City’s residential average water consumption of 15,000 gallons per bi-monthly billing cycle until they are able to establish a winter average amount. For 2014, new owners would have their sewer capped at $47.30 per billing cycle.

Billing Cycle

a)  Residential/Agricultural - Residential and agricultural properties will be billed on a bi-monthly basis.

b)  Institutional/Commercial - Institutional and commercial/industrial properties will be billed on a monthly basis.

c)  All payments shall be due on the 10th day of the month following billing.


There will be added to the current billing, if not paid by the due date, a late charge of 1.5% for each month or part thereof calculated against the arrears.

Land Use/Billing Categories

City Staff is directed to review and identify the appropriate land use and billing categories for all property within the City. The billing category shall coincide with the actual use of the property.

Back Billing and Refunds

City staff is authorized to charge back for a period of one year (back billing) properties that are identified as having been inappropriately charged; similarly, staff is authorized to refund for up to two years for properties that we improperly billed.

Certification Fee

 At such time as a property is eligible for certification of utility charges, City staff may charge a certification fee of $50.00 to each account that qualifies for certification.



How does a resident set up or cancel water services?

Please call City Hall (763-428-2253) for utility billing to set up or cancel service before moving in or out. This will allow us to calculate your bill accurately.

Am I billed for recycling even if I don't recycle?

Yes. Recycling is billed to every residential customer in the city. It is your choice to recycle or not, however no credits can be given for choosing not to recycle.

Do I have to pay sewer on water I am using outside in the summer?

No. Sewer charges are based on water usage for your winter reading, so that you are not paying for sewer on water you use outside in the summer months. This would include irrigation, watering of plants, washing vehicles, and filling swimming pools.

How can I pay my bill?

There are drop boxes at 12913 Main Street and 22350 South Diamond Lake Road. You can drop off your payments at City Hall during regular business hours (8:00am to 4:30pm).

You can not pay by credit card over the phone or through the website, but you can stop at City Hall and pay with a credit card at the front desk. Direct payment plan (ACH) is also available, which is an automatic payment plan with your checking account.

Are there late fees?

The City does charge a penalty for late payments. Any annual unpaid utility bills are assessable and will be applied to Hennepin County Property Tax statements with interest and possibility of additional fees.

How do leaks effect my bill?

Leaks can be costly, even the smallest leak can cause a spike in water bills. A pin hole size leak can amount to losing 185 gallons per day which is 5,550 gallons loss per month. It is highly recommended to have any leak repaired by a licensed plumber.

How much iron is in the water?

The iron ranges from 1.3 to 1.6 milligrams per liter.

What is the hardness of the water?

22 grains

How often do I receive my bill?

You will receive a bill every other month for residential customers and monthly for commercial accounts.

My bill has the "(e)" , what does that mean?

When looking at your bill if there is an (e) next to either number (previous usage, current usage) it indicates an estimated reading. If this happens for more than two consecutive bill cycles please contact City Hall at 763-428-2253 to schedule an appointment for investigation and or repair.

What is the storm water utility fee?

The storm water fee is different from the sanitary sewer in that, it is the fee for storm water runoff (water that travels thru the storm sewer system, ditches or drainage ponds). As with recycling, it is also charged to every residential and commercial customer. Residential customers are billed a flat fee, whereas commercial customers are billed based on a calculation of acreage and hard surface area

What is the Card that I received on my door for?

The utility department may leave a card for several reasons. The most common reasons is that there is a problem with us getting a meter reading and that you will need to call City Hall at 763-428-2253 to set up an appointment to have it repaired. It is important that you call as soon as possible to make sure taht you are not having estimated readings for an extended period of time which may cause an over or under billing for your water.