Night to Unite


Night to Unite will be held in Rogers on August 6, 2013.  Night to Unite is exactly the same as National Night Out.  Night to Unite, however, is a Minnesota based program that supports Minnesota communities and businesses.  Night to Unite will celebrate and strengthen our neighborhoods and develop community partnerships.  

Night to Unite is Designed to:

  1. Provide the opportunity for people to get to know one another in your neighborhood;
  2. Develop neighborhood participation by bringing police and communities together; and
  3. Bring awareness to crime prevention and local law enforcement efforts!

Information on Organizing your Neighborhood Block Party:

  • Poll your neighbors to gauge their interest in having a Night to Unite Block Party.
  • Have a planning meeting to discuss the following:
    • Invitations / flyers
    • Register your party with the Rogers Police Department.
    • Menu & paper products - Potluck, bring your own, or collect money from neighbors to purchase food & supplies.
    • Designate time and location of the block party - street, local Park or neighbor’s yard.
    • Ask for donations from area businesses for door prizes
    • Sign-up neighbors to set up their portable grills.
    • Have someone bring a portable stereo for music and maybe dancing later in the day.
  • Name tags are very helpful, especially for the "visitors".
  • Take lots of pictures!
  • Download the planning tips document.
  • Enjoy the party and before it ends, appoint next year's organizers or committee.

For more information pertaining to Night to Unite or how to get involved, contact the Rogers Police Department at 763-428-3450.
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