You are entitled to a number of rights and services as a victim of a crime. The following rights and services are available for all victims.

Rights and Services for all Crime Victims

  1. You have the right to apply for financial help for losses resulting from a violent crime. This assistance does not cover property losses. For application and information, call (651) 201-7300.
  2. You have the right to request that the law enforcement agency withhold public access to data revealing your identity. The law enforcement agency will decide if this is possible.
  3. You have the right, if an offender is charged, to be informed of and participate in the prosecution process, including the right to request restitution (money court ordered from the offender and paid to the victim).
  4. If you feel your rights as a victim have been violated, call the Office of Justice Programs at (651) 201-7300 or 1 (888) 247-8799: TTY (651)-205-4827.

24 Hour Crisis Phone Lines

Crisis lines are committed to serving persons regardless of race, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, religion or gender and will refer you to specific resources as needed.

  • Crime Victim Services (Any crime victim) (612) 340-5400
  • United Way Info and Referral (Emergency Resources: food, shelter, mental health, Domestic, etc. ) (651) 291-0211
  • Mpls Crisis Nursery (Shelter/Abuse & Neglect Prevention Counseling (763) 591-0100
  • Sexual Violence Center (612) 871-5111
  • Crisis Connection (Mental Health Counseling) (612) 379-6363
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline (COPE): 612-596-1223
  • CEAP (Food, shelter, Transportation Assistance): 763-566-9600

Financial Assistance to Victims of Violent Crime

  • Crime Victims Reparations Board (Not a 24 hour line) (651) 201-7300

Victims of Domestic Assault

  1. You can ask the city or county attorney to file a criminal complaint.
  2. You also have the right to go to court and file a petition requesting an Order for Protection from domestic abuse. The order could include the following:
    1. an order restraining the abuser from further acts of abuse;
    2. an order directing the abuser to leave your household;
    3. an order preventing the abuser from entering your home, school, business, or place of employment;
    4. an order awarding you or the other parent custody of or visitation with you minor child or children; or
    5. an order directing the abuser to pay support to you and the minor children if the abuser has a court order to do so.
  3. You also have the right to notification if prosecution of the case is declined or criminal charges are dismissed.

Court Orders for Protection/Restraining

  • Hennepin County Orders for Protection (OFP): 612-348-5073
  • Hennepin County Harassment Restraining Orders (HRO): 612-348-9399

Emergency Services and Shelter

  • HOME FREE. (24-Hour Crisis) (763) 559-4945
    Monday thru Friday, Daytime Office (763) 545-7080. 
    HOME FREE is not a part of the court system. They are a community-based domestic abuse intervention project staffed by advocates who are available to offer you support, information, referrals, and options to help you heal with your situation. We assure complete confidentiality. Services include:
    • 24 Hour Crisis Line
    • Legal Advocacy
    • Educational Support Groups
  • Hennepin County Domestic Abuse Office (612) 348-5073

Police and Services Information

  • Rogers Police – Emergency: 9-1-1
  • Rogers Police - Administration/Permits/Reports/ Property/Evidence: (763) 428-3450
  • Rogers Police Dispatch/Non-Emergency/Nights/Holidays/Weekends: Thru Hennepin County Dispatch: 763-525-6220
  • Rogers Police School Resource Officer - Juvenile Specialist: (763) 274-3140 ext.1606
  • Hennepin County Jail (Offender Release Information): (612) 348-5112
  • Hennepin County Adult Protection: (612) 348-4111
  • Hennepin County Child Protection: (612) 348-3552
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: (952) 922-0880
  • Detox - Main Center: (612) 879-3187
  • Mission Farms Detox: (763) 559-1402
  • Emergency Social Services: (612) 596-1300
  • Legal Aid Society: (612) 332-1441
  • Poison Control: (612) 347-3141
  • Rape/Sexual Assault Counseling: (612) 825-4357
  • Family & Children Services: (763) 560-4412
  • St. Joseph's Childrens Shelter: (612) 827-6241
  • Youth Crisis and Runaways: The Bridge-612-377-8800
  • Towing Contractor – Burdas Towing: (763) 428-9911
  • Century Link Annoyance Calls: 1 (800) 582-0655
  • Economic Assistance (EBT cards, etc.): 612-596-1300
  • Hennepin County Operator (all Hennepin County services available): 612-348-3000

Call for an Emergency

Dispatch-24hrs: 763-525-6220/ Monday - Friday Office Admin: 763-428-3450

Contact Police

21860 Industrial Court
Rogers, MN 55374
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

Phone Numbers

Emergency Phone Line - 911

& After Hours - 952-258-5321

Office - 763-428-3450
Fax - 763-428-1900

Email Rogers Police

Crime Mapping

Residents can view the crime mapping electronic map to see where and what types of offenses that the Rogers Police Department has responded to.  The maps are updated daily.