Various stakeholders, ranging from permitting agencies (such as the DNR and Watershed Districts) to residents, business owners and property owners living or working along or near the roadway, have an interest in the development of the roadway project. The partnering agencies recognize that these interests vary in perspective. The agencies will use information provided by the various stakeholders when making their decision on the final improvements. There are a number of activities which will occur throughout the design process that will allow for input from the various stakeholders. Agency and public involvement activities will include:

  • Project Management Team Meetings:  The city has assembled a Project Management Team (PMT) to provide input and feedback on the proposed project. Members of the PMT include staff from the City of Rogers, Hennepin County and MnDOT. The PMT will meet monthly to discuss various aspects of this project. The PMT members exchange technical and political information on the project between the governmental stakeholders for this project. The PMT members report information to their various councils and/or boards and provide directives for action during this project's development.
  • Agency Coordination Meetings:  Throughout the project development process various agencies will have concerns regarding resources that may be impacted due to the project. Staff from the partnering agencies will meet with the individual agencies to gain an understanding of their concerns and work through possible mitigation strategies or design improvements necessary to reach consensus.
  • Presentations at City Council Meetings:  The consultant working on the project and city staff will present project information at city council meetings and/or workshops to solicit input from elected officials about the proposed project.
  • Public Open House Meetings:  The first of two public open house meetings was held on Thursday, April 26, 2012 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at the Rogers Activity Center. The partnering agencies provided informational materials and maps to show the need for the project, the proposed interchange concepts, and potential impacts of the project on traffic in the area and the environment. Verbal and written comments were taken by the project staff and will be published on this website shortly. If you missed the open house meeting, the materials presented at the meeting are available to download.

    The second open house meeting is currently scheduled for Wednesday, July 11, 2012 from 5:00pm to 6:30pm at the Rogers Activity Center. The partnering agencies will be presenting the updated layouts for the preferred alternative (the Diverging Diamond Interchange) and other alternatives studied (the Tight Diamond Interchange and Single Point Urban Interchange) as well as the traffic, safety, environmental, and other information studied so far. A mailing with this information will be sent to property owners within a half-mile radius of the project site approximately two weeks before the meeting date.

  • Individual Property Owner Meetings:  For property owners that will be directly impacted (property impacted) by the proposed project, individual meetings will be held. Staff from the City of Rogers will be contacting these property owners.
  • Newsletter Updates:  Information about the project will be included in the city's newsletter. A link to the project web site will be provided.