TH 101 is a principal arterial roadway that links I-94 to US 10/US 169. It crosses both the Crow and Mississippi Rivers, links several communities and is an important connection to Greater Minnesota. In 2010, TH 101 carried approximately 41,500 cars in the project area. North of the project area, MnDOT and its partners have invested several million dollars in upgrading TH 101 to a freeway facility by replacing signalized intersections with interchanges and removing other access points.

The need for an interchange at TH 101 and CSAH 144 has been documented for years. In 2002, MnDOT identified the need for an interchange in this location as part of its Interregional Corridor Study. The interchange has also been included in the city's comprehensive plan and the Hennepin County transportation plan. The need for the interchange is a result of the heavy traffic volumes along TH 101 and its intersecting roadways. Additionally, the intersection at CSAH 144 has a history of crashes that exceed the typical crash rates for other similar roadways.

In 2010 the City of Rogers applied for and received a $9.2 million dollar SaM (Safety and Mobility) grant from MnDOT for the interchange construction. This grant requires the city to have the project ready for construction by January 1, 2014. In order to get the project ready for construction by the grant deadline, the city and its partners need to identify and select a preferred interchange type, complete an environmental analysis of the impacts associated with converting the intersection to an interchange, complete the final plans for both the roadways and the bridge and let a construction contract. Throughout this process, the partnering agencies will be providing information to the public. The agencies are also seeking input and feedback from affected property owners and businesses.