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Online Submission

The City is now offering online permit submission through the Rogers Permit Portal Website. The following permits should be submitted through the portal:


Permi Type Permit Fee
Fireplace, Chimney, or Wood Stove  $101.00 per Unit
Furnace or Air Conditioner $76.00 per Unit
Water Softener or Water Heater $51.00 per Unit
Garage Heater $76.00 per Unit
Underground Sprinkler System $81.00 Total
Fences under 7 feet  $100.00 Flat Fee
Re-Roof $101.00 Total
Re-Side $101.00 Total
Window/Door Replacement $101.00 Total
Seasonal Pool $51.00 Total
Demolition $101.00 Total

City Hall Submission

The following building permits are currently required to be submitted at City Hall:

  • Deck or porch (New or Repair)
  • Basement Finish
  • Remodel
  • Addition to a house or a garage
  • Shed over 200 square feet in floor area
  • Retaining Wall higher than 4 feet
  • Permanent Pool which exceeds 5,000 gallon capacity or is 24 inches in depth

Permits are available at City Hall 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Building Permit Fees

Permit fees depend on the specific project. Most building permits are based on the value. Call City Hall for details.

Location of Property Lines

Permanent corner iron monuments should be located below the sod level, in the ground of each legally divided parcel of land in Rogers. Locating the corner iron monuments is the responsibility of the property owner. The corner iron monument can be found by using a certificate of survey and a metal detector, or contact a registered land surveyor to locate and expose the monuments or replace any missing pins.