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May 14, 2013 7:00 p.m.


2. OPEN FORUM – Individuals may address the Council about any item not contained on the regular agenda. A maximum of 10 minutes is allocated for the Forum. If the full 10 minutes are not needed for the Forum, the Mayor will continue with the agenda. If additional time is needed for the Forum, the Council will continue the Forum following Other Business on the agenda. The Council will take no official action on items discussed at the Forum, with the exception of referral to staff of Commission for future report.

3.01 Presentation of an Award to Officer Rose

4. APPROVE AGENDA – Council members may add items to the agenda for discussion purposes or staff direction only. The Council will not normally take official action on items added to the agenda.

5. CONSENT AGENDA – These items are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Councilmember so requests, in which event the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and placed elsewhere on the agenda.
5.01 Approval of Minutes from April 23, 2013 City Council Work Session, April 23, 2013 City Council Meeting and April 30, 2013 Joint City Council/Park Board Meeting
5.02 Approval of Bills and Claims
5.03 Approval of the Following Requests by CSM Corporation:
• Adopt Ordinance No. 2013-05, An Ordinance Rezoning Approximately 2 acres from R-2 Single Family Residential to LI, Limited Industry and Summary Ordinance No. 2013-05
• Approval of Resolution No. 2013-21, A Resolution Granting Preliminary and Final Plat Approval of CSM Rogers
• Approval of Resolution No. 2013-22, A Resolution Granting Site Plan Approval for the Construction of a 271,145 sq.ft. Office/Warehouse Building
5.04 Approval of Resolution No. 2013-23, A Resolution Denying the Request by Travel Centers of America for a Variance to Facilitate the Removal of an Existing Directional Sign and Replacing it With Two Directional Signs
5.05 Approval of Resolution No. 2013-24, Approval of Eileen Erickson Land Division
5.06 Approve Fire Hose Testing Agreement with FireCATT
5.07 Approve Tablet Device Guideline Policy
5.08 Approval of Special Event Permit Requests:
• Rogers Lions for Rockin' Rogers Days
• Roads Education Foundation 5K
5.09 Police Week Proclamation
5.10 Approval to Apply for COPS Grant
5.11 Approval to Hire New Officer
• Approval of Resolution No. 2013-25, A Resolution Hiring Jeffrey Beck as a Full Time Police Officer
• Approval Resolution No. 2013-26, A Resolution Certifying Public Employee Retirement Association Police Officer Declaration – Jeffrey Beck
5.12 Approval of Joint Powers Agreement Between the State of Minnesota and the City of Rogers
5.13 Call for the Public Hearing for the Extension of Trail and Lighting Improvements Along Rogers Drive from South Diamond Lake Road to 141st Avenue North (CSAH 144)
5.14 Authorization to Purchase Grader Tires from State Bid
5.15 Approval of Resolution No. 2013-27, A Resolution Requesting Speed Zone Study on 129th Avenue
5.16 Authorization to Contract for Installation of Conduit for Fiber Optics
5.17 Approval of Job Description and Authorization to Advertise for Public Works Administrative Assistant
5.18 Approval of Job Description and Authorization to Advertise for Recreation Services Coordinator


7.01 Request to Promote Two Patrol Sergeants
7.02 Approve Amended Rogers Fire Protection Contract with the City of Corcoran
7.03 Approval of City Planner/Community Development Coordinator and Authorization to Advertise Position


9.01 April Police Report
9.02 Purchase of a Thermal Imaging Camera for Rapid Intervention Team
9.03 2013/2014 City Goals and Strategic Plan
9.04 Elm Creek Watershed Minutes April 10, 2013
9.05 Rogers Park Board Minutes April 11, 2013
9.06 Review the Literature for the Upcoming Washington, DC Transportation Trip


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