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This meeting of the Rogers Park Board was held January 12, 2012 and called to order at 5:30 p.m. Chair Fuller, and Members O'Connor,Tomaszewski and Volkers were present. Also in attendance were: Prospective Park Board Members Darren Jakel, Gene Wipf and Paul Hacker; John Seifert, Rogers Public Works Superintendent and Mike Bauer Recreation and Facilities Manager.








5.01 Approval of Minutes from November 10,2011 Rogers Park Board Meeting

Motion to approve minutes made by member Volkers, seconded by member O'Connor. All in Favor – Motion Carried.


6.01 Lion's/Triangle Park Memorial Gardens

Steve Grittman, Planner for the City of Rogers , of North West Associated Planners was present for the meeting. He has kindly donated his time to assist with the planning process. WSB and Associates, the Engineers for the City of Rogers have also offered to donate some of the surveying fees. Rogers Rotary is excited about this project and are already looking into a national matching grant. Rogers Lions are excited to help. A meeting is needed between Steve Grittman, Rogers Rotary, Rogers Lions and two Rogers Park Board members and Rogers Council Members Ihli and Stanley. Staff will organize setting up the meeting and contact all involved. It was noted that late in the afternoon works best for a meeting time.

Steve Grittman outlined things to start thinking about before the meeting such as – how active do you want the space to be or are we looking for a more contemplative type of setting. Staff will try to get a budget range from all players so that there is some idea of what is available.

Steve Grittman moved on to another meeting.

6.02 Feasibility Report 144/Rogers Drive Street Lighting

The 144/Rogers Drive Feasibility report had been tabled in the past. The project encompasses a trail down Rogers Drive on the east side of the road all the way up to the south side of Broadway Pizza. The other element shows a trail going down in front of Dairy Queen and Wells Fargo. MNDot put a 10 foot trail in front of the sausage pond and on the other side by Super America. With this the Mayor and Council Members received a direct letter inquiring about a trail along this route. It is a project that is scheduled for spring bidding. The Engineer wants concurrence from the Park Board to make sure nothing is missed. Review and discussion took place around the information in the Feasibility Report. A possible crossing to Cub and the Dollar Store from the east side of Rogers Drive was discussed. From this a discussion continued around the effectiveness of crosswalks. It was felt that a crosswalk at the intersection would be a bad place for a crossing. Further down by Cub would probably be safer. John will take the consensus of the Park Board back to the Engineer.

6.03 Rogers Park Board Member Appointment Process

Presently there are four continuing members. Member Roehl has withdrawn his name for consideration. Four people submitted applications to serve on the Rogers Park Board – one withdrew for personal reasons. All applicants were present at the meeting. Seven is the perfect number of Board Members. If the Board does not have questions, the next step is to accept the submitted applications and make the recommendation to City Council for acceptance of the applications . Member Volkers moved to accept the submitted applications and make a recommendation to the Rogers City Council to accept the applications, member O'Connor Seconded. All in favor. Member Volkers suggested a letter of "Thanks for Your Service" be sent to Jerry Roehl.

6.04 Park and Recreation Update

An amended Parks and Recreation update was distributed at the meeting. The updated that was originally circulated in the packets was not the most up to date report. Mike Bauer spoke about each item on the update filling in details as they applied. Learn to Skate final session for 2011 recently completed with 46 children and six adults participating. Staff is fielding calls requesting an increase of time for learn to skate but with tournaments and rentals ice time is difficult to come by. Tournaments are being hosted in the Rogers Arena and as many as 3000 people can pass through the building during a tournament. Items such as Zamboni advertising, Drop N Shop and Energy Saving research were other topics discussed.

Presently a steering committee helps with development of programs. Seniors are also being programed for more activities. Superintendent Seifert spoke to the fact that Mike Bauer is doing a good job of planning programs and activities.

Chair Fuller put forth an idea for next year. Have a program offering a picture with Santa / evening in the park with carolers, hot chocolate, etc. maybe a food donation for the food shelf for entrance into the festivities. A bonfire would possibly be a good idea. Lion's do breakfast with Santa

The City of Elk River is a good study of how many different programs can be made available and be successful. Community Education, Elk River Area Recreation Program, and YMCA all offer a variety of programs. One successful summer program was Music in the Park in Elk River. Perhaps a program like that is something to consider for Rogers. Superintendent Seifert explained that we are trying to keep programs break even or maybe even for profit. If they do not sustain themselves we cannot continue to offer them.

6.05 12 Month Work Plan

South Point/Fletcher Hills

Superintendent Seifert gave a summary of each item on the 12 month work plan:

- Erickson Family not prepared to make donation at this time. Two family members are out of town. We have learned the out lot just to the south of this property is in tax forfeiture. We are trying to pick it up so that we can include it in the park.

Site Acquisitions

- South Community Park still in the works – Superintendent Seifert reviewed the process up to now. The last piece of property is the piece south of Rogers Elementary.

- Lynch Park is the small expansion to the south west.

Hennepin County Grant

– Just received a letter informing us we are not a recipient this time. Discussion took place around who was successful and possible reasons for their success. The next offering will be sometime in September or early October, 2012. Usually we are given about six week's notice. Having some pledged funds already, possibly started the project, bodes well and causes the project to point higher in the selection process.

Trail projects

– Hennepin County sent out a letter stating they had trail development money available and encouraged organizations to apply for it if they had a firm project to apply the funds to. Superintendent Seifert contacted them and has set up for them to come out and look at our projects.

- Three Rivers Park –(Mayor Grimm, City Administrator Stahmer, Superintendent Seifert )meeting with Three Rivers later in January. Three Rivers Park wants to purchase a piece of private property adjoining the park and turn it into park land. They also have come forward with a concept from the planners for a Sister Park to Crow Hassan that would have a higher more intensified use. They would like to see a larger area to do the development in. Discussion took place around the trails and park usage.

- The trail across south side through Hassan is probably a 20 plus year project. An alternate route has been discussed many times. A trail from Dayton to Henry's Woods and the rest of the trail crossing over the north side of Rogers is more of a possibility because so many pieces of the trail are already there. Working towards a Feasibility Report and dollar amount attached to the project.

Parks, Open Space and Trail System Plan Updates

- Cowley Lake – decisions on what is going to be done with it have not been reached.

Security Lighting in the Parks

- Costs are being investigated and calculated.

Park Referendum

- Superintendent Seifert is meeting with Ehlers to discuss the referendum planning process. Superintendent Seifert discussed the rumors floating around about the City purchasing the Lowe's building. These type of projects are major projects requiring considerable financial commitments. Rogers Seniors want a center of their own. There is presently a blog out there about a sports center for Rogers. John discussed all these rumors and the "face" of Rogers. Discussion followed:

- Last year the Board was challenged to take a look at these big ticket items – pool, etc. Sometimes partnerships with entities like the "Y" make a project that cannot be afforded by the City on its own possible.

- When is the right time to bring a referendum forward? It is an opportunity that we should explore. Three Rivers – Sister Park – may be something that plans an outdoor pool or swimming event.

- Other pieces of land in area that should be looked at. A piece of property south of 116 lies along the eastern side of Lake Sylvan. Another 22 acre between Gene Wipf and Paul Hacker is also a possibility to purchase. That would provide a link from 116 south down to the local existing trail. Discussion continued on the process of the land being sold if it is tax forfeiture.

- Without development on our doorstep –a referendum may be the only way.


Resident request for crosswalks by Mini's Diner.

Motion to Adjourn by member O'Connor, seconded by Member Tomaszewski. All in Favor.

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