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Announcements, Events, Recently Updated

1. Call to Order.  The regular meeting of the Council of the City of Rogers was called to order by Acting Mayor Davis on Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at Rogers Community Center, 21201 Memorial Drive, Rogers, MN, 55374.

Council present: Rob Bell, Jay Bunting, Jamie Davis, and Steve Rauenhorst.
Council excused:  Jason Grimm.

Staff present:  Jeff Carson, City Attorney; Stacy Doboszenski, Assistant City Administrator; Brad Feist, Fire Chief; Jeff Luther, Police Chief; John Seifert, Public Works Supt.; Steve Stahmer, City Administrator; Bret Weiss, City Engineer; and Lisa Wieland, Finance Director.

2. Open Forum. 

3. Presentations. 
4. Approve agenda.
There were no items added to Other Business.

5. Consent Agenda.
   5.01 Approval of Minutes from July 13, 2010 City Council Meeting
   5.02 Approval of Bills and Claims
   5.03 Approval of Consent of Assignment of Contract A052282 Between the City of
 Rogers, ISD #281 and Hennepin County
   5.04 2010 NPDES Industrial Stormwater Permit for City of Rogers Waste Water Treatment Plant and Public Works Facility
   5.05 Gambling permit for Hassan PTO to conduct a raffle on October 1, 2010
   5.06 Ratification of Teamsters Local No. 320 Contract; January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010
   5.07 Approval of Resolution No. 2010 – 27, A Resolution Proclaiming Community Wellness Day
   5.08 Approval of Developer's Agreement for Fox Creek West 9th Addition
   5.09 Authorization to Advertise for Bids for Fiber Optics Cable Installation
   5.10 Approval of Resolution No. 2010 - 28, A Resolution Accepting the Grant and Approving the Grant Contract from the Minnesota Institute of Public Health to Conduct Alcohol and Underage Drinking Compliance Checks between August 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011.
   5.11 Authorize a letter to Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School requesting permission to use the green space south of the school for the Annual Police and Fire Open House
   5.12 Request by Marlon Weber for Hold an Annual Knights of Columbus Trap Shoot Event on His Property, Located at 22510 Territorial Road 
   5.13 Approval of Gambling Permit for RYHA to conduct a Raffle on December 12, 2010 

Doboszenski handed out the additional consent agenda items to Council as added to a revised agenda; items 5.11 – 5.13.
Council asked if there were issues resulting of last year’s trap shoot (item 5.12).  Luther explained there were noise complaints.  The main concern is that the trap shoot is held on a Monday night.  The recommendation to Council is to run the trap shoot between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.  Council agreed to keep 8:00 p.m. as an end time and leave out the start time to allow for flexibility to run the event.

Rauenhorst moved, Bunting seconded a motion to approve the consent agenda.  Motion carried 4-0.

6. Public Hearings

7. General Business
   7.01 Approval to Add Overhead Streetlights to County Road 81 Re-Alignment Project
Seifert stated this item was not included in original construction documents.  Staff has asked for a design from Xcel Energy for the lighting; four new lights will be installed.  The poles are metal with cut-off cobra heads; an updated style.  Davis asked if it is an acceptable use of TIF.  Seifert stated yes.

Bunting moved, Rauenhorst seconded a motion to approve the addition of overhead streetlights to the County Road 81 re-alignment project.  Motion carried 4-0.

   7.02 Accept Feasibility Report, Set Public Hearing Date and Authorize Preparation of Plans and Specifications for the Extension of John Deere Lane from Main Street to CSAH 81
Engineer Weiss provided a powerpoint presentation of the feasibility report.
Weiss provided the preferred proposed layout for the extension of John Deere Lane.  Davis questioned the amount of traffic that would cross Main Street from the west.  Weiss commented at this time, there is not a lot of traffic.  Weiss continued with his feasibility study presentation.
Weiss stated a letter has been sent to Benzinger and Wells Fargo stating they would be responsible for their own parking lots; they donate the land, and the City constructs the project without assessment.  Weiss commented on the improvements to the undeveloped property  owned by Wells Fargo and the reason for calling a public hearing.  Weiss stated he has not completed negotiations with the property owners.  Benzinger’s donation is 18,000 sq. ft. and Wells Fargo is 14,000 sq. ft. of property.
Weiss updated the Council on his recent discussions with Benzinger regarding the donation of property and design of the road.
Weiss proceeded with his report providing a cost opinion of $817,670 with financing from TIF No. 1 and any potential assessments resulting from the public hearing.  Weiss stated it is important to discuss the money the City is spending to benefit those areas and it is important to know what the City is spending as future projects develop.
Weiss reviewed the project schedule with Council.

Staff recommendation is to accept the feasibility study as presented and to call for a public hearing at the August 24, 2010 meeting.

Bell stated this alignment is the one that sets the City up well in the event John Deere Lane is extended to 129th Avenue at some point in the future.

Bell commented on turning back the property without the necessary lane on the west side of the
Benzinger property.

Council discussed not including a signal at this time; do the pre-work but not the actual signal which would reduce the project cost.

Council asked that all of downtown and John Deere Lane be noticed of the improvement.

Bunting moved, Bell seconded a motion to Accept feasibility report, set public hearing date for August 24 and authorize preparation of plans and specifications for the extension of John Deere Lane from Main Street to CSAH 81 to be prepared by WSB & Associates, Inc. at a not to exceed cost of $35,000.  Motion carried 4-0.

Weiss clarified Council consensus that the signal light itself is not included, but to include in negotiations the vacation of the east side of Main Street in front of Benzinger property.

   7.03 CSAH 13 (Brockton Lane) and South Diamond Lake Road, Consider Ordering Preliminary Engineering Feasibility Report for Intersection Improvements
Funds from TIF 10 and TIF 11 that can be used to make improvements in the area of South Diamond Lake Road and Brockton Lane.  Council discussed the proposed project.

Bunting moved, Bell seconded a motion to authorize the preparation of a feasibility report to include the development of intersection improvements and a signal justification report for the intersection of South Diamond Lake Road & CSAH 13 (Brockton Lane) at a cost not to exceed $14,500.  Motion carried 4-0.
   7.04 Approval of Ordinance No. 2010-04, An Ordinance Amending Section 125-138, And Adding Section’s 125-190, 125-191, And 125-201 Related To The Establishment Of Large Lot Single-Family And Mixed-Use Zoning Districts
Planner Lorsung addressed the Council on the intent of the proposed ordinance.  Lorsung stated direct mail was sent to the property owners who were to be zoned either RE2 or RE5.  Lorsung reported there was no opposition heard at the Planning Commission meeting.  This would accommodate those properties being annexed on August 15th.  Lorsung then addressed the mixed use zoning districts.

Bell stated he attended the Planning Commission meeting and provided a recap of the discussion.

Stahmer questioned if the mixed use zoning districts allows for horizontal development as well as vertical development.  Lorsung stated it does accomplish that; residential over commercial is not a requirement.

Bell moved, Bunting seconded a motion to adopt Ordinance No. 2010-04 and Summary Ordinance No. 2010-04.  Motion carried 4-0.

   7.05 Scheduling a Joint Meeting of the Full Rogers City Council and Full Hassan Town Board to Talk About the Issues of the Annexation
Stahmer addressed the Council recommending the Council call for a joint meeting of the Rogers City Council and the Hassan Town Board to be held Thursday, August 12th for the purposes of discussing annexation-related business.

Bunting moved, Rauenhorst seconded a motion to call a joint meeting of the Rogers City Council and Hassan Town Board for Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at the Rogers Public Works training room.  Bell stated he will be out of town.  Motion carried 4-0.

   7.06 Reschedule or Cancel August 13, 2010 City Council Meeting
Davis stated he is inclined to cancel the meeting.
Stahmer stated the only downside is the loss of one budget workshop date.  However, from a regular meeting standpoint, there are no time sensitive issues.
Rauenhorst moved, Bell seconded a motion to cancel the August 13, 2010 City Council meeting.  Motion carried 4-0.

   7.07 Action Items from Budget Workshop
Rauenhorst moved, Bunting seconded a motion to eliminate the canine and use the funding to promote a sergeant.
Davis clarified the recommendation for the sergeant promotion would be brought forward at a future meeting.
Stahmer stated one is not dependent upon the other to occur.  Motion carried 4-0.

Bunting moved, Rauenhorst seconded a motion authorizing the Clerk’s to sign the form for the Fire Relief Association authorizing City contribution for 2011.  Motion carried 4-0.

8. Other Business.

9. Correspondence and Reports 
   9.01 Update on Transportation Task Force
   9.02 Approval of Park Board Minutes
   9.03 Downtown Transportation Study Update
   9.04 June, 2010 Financial Reports
No formal action was taken.

10. Adjourn
Bunting moved, Rauenhorst seconded a motion to adjourn at 8:07 p.m.  Motion carried 4-0.

Respectfully submitted,
Stacy Doboszenski
Assistant City Administrator/Clerk

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