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Announcements, Events, Recently Updated

1.   Call to Order.  The regular meeting of the Council of the City of Rogers was called to order by Mayor Grimm on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at Rogers Community Center, 21201 Memorial Drive, Rogers, MN, 55374.

Council present:   Rob Bell, Jay Bunting, and Jason Grimm
Council excused:  Jamie Davis and Steve Rauenhorst.

Staff present:  Jeff Carson, City Attorney; Stacy Doboszenski, Assistant City Administrator; Brad Feist, Fire Chief; Rose Lorsung, City Planner; Jeff Luther, Police Chief; Steve Stahmer, City Administrator; Lisa Wieland, Finance Director; and Bret Weiss, City Engineer.

2.   Open Forum. 
 No persons addressed the Council during open forum.

3.   Presentations. 

4.   Approve agenda.
 Additions to Other Business:  None.
5.   Consent Agenda.
      5.01  Approval of Minutes from February 9, 2010 City Council 
               Meeting and February 9, 2010 Workshop Minutes
      5.02  Approval of Bills and Claims
      5.03  Accept Resignation Letter from Firefighter Dan Myers
      5.04  Accept Resignation Letter from Firefighter Kelly LaForce
      5.05  Accept Donation of $100 to the Rogers Police Dept. from the
               Residential Mortgage Group
      5.06  Approval of Amending the Minnesota Lawful Gambling Exempt
               Permit for Knights of Columbus to Conduct Bingo at Mary 
              Queen of Peace Church to include a March 2010 Event, located
              at 21304 Church Avenue, Rogers, Minnesota
Motion by Bunting, seconded by Bell to approve the consent agenda.
Grimm asked for clarification on 5.06 wondering if a specific date was identified.  Doboszenski stated a specific date was not given, just a date in March.  Motion carried 3-0.

6.   Public Hearings

7.  General Business
      7.01  Consider the Redesignation of State Aid Streets

Engineer Weiss provided a map illustrating the state aid street redesignation recommendation.  Weiss stated the modifications suggested would remove 2.1 miles and add 3.7 miles.  If the council agrees, a resolution will be brought back before the council for approval.  Weiss stated an additional $50,000 per year is estimated to be collected.

Bunting moved, Bell seconded a motion to approve the redesignation of the state aid streets and authorize the preparation of a resolution.  Motion carried 3-0.

      7.02  Consider Approving a Proposal to Complete the Preliminary Design and Environmental Review of CSAH 144 Intersection Improvements/TH 101 Third Lane
Engineer Weiss provided the background information on the intersection of Highway 101 and County Road 144 third lane project.

No funding source for the project itself has been identified at this time; the funding source for the preliminary design and environmental review is recommended to be TIF No.1. 

Weiss stated he would like to caution the Council on two items; the assumption that this is a straight forward environmental process and that MnDOT may not review any of it at this time without a funding source identified.  However, the interest is there from the County and MnDOT.

Weiss stated the proposal is to WSB and SRF work together on the project.

Bell stated if he recalls correctly, this is just for a northbound third lane, not a southbound lane.  Weiss stated yes, and extension to a southbound turn lane.  Weiss stated this project will tie into the appropriations project on CSAH 144 and CSAH 13.

Bunting stated this is a great addition to what we have been planning; safety at the schools and alleviating traffic and congestion.  The City has a better chance of getting funding by being ready for the project.

Weiss spoke on different funding avenues for the pedestrian pieces.

Grimm asked if MnDOT is okay with this project even though they want some metered traffic before Elk River.  Weiss stated they are aware of the signal issues at this location.

Bell moved, Bunting seconded a motion to approve the proposal from WSB/SRF in the amount of $124,946 for the preparation of preliminary design and environmental review for CSAH 144 between Northdale Boulevard and the east edge of the school property along with the development with a third lane on TH 101.  The source of funding for this project is TIF1.  Motion carried 3-0.

Stahmer informed the council of two additional claims for the right-of-way acquisition for the County Road 81 project.  Weiss updated the council on the acquisition claims being requested for approval.  Weiss commented on the cost of the right-of-way acquisition and the inability to have the easements donated from the property owners; although they have been very cooperative in the process.

Staff also informed Council of the possibility of receiving an additional $300,000 in federal funding on this project.

Bunting moved, Bell seconded a motion to approve the claims to Croix Oil and LPS, Associates, LLP for the right-of-way acquisition.  Motion carried 3-0.

Weiss then provided the appropriations request drawing/map.  Council commented on what they would like to see for a hand-out for the D.C. trip.

      7.03 Temporary Sign Policy During Road Construction Projects
Planner Lorsung addressed the council on the preparation of a temporary sign policy as part of this year’s major road construction projects; I94 fly-over and the CSAH 81 realignment.

Before coming to the City council with the request, the Planning Commission and Chamber had the opportunity to provide input on the temporary sign policy.

Lorsung stated her understanding is there will not be lane closures, but possible access issues as the projects progress.

Lorsung stated she would like to have the temporary ordinance be staff friendly; to be able to work with the business owners and local sign companies and put together a uniform spec sheet.  Lorsung continued with the issues discussed at the Planning Commission meeting.

Bunting stated he likes a lot of the things the planning commission included.  The signs are intended to draw attention to the business. Bunting stated he would like to see logos and colors allowed on the temporary signage stating that is how business is identified.

Grimm stated he doesn’t mind seeing the logo, but suggested some type of uniformity with the outline of the sign themselves.  Some uniformity to know they are specific to the construction.

Bell stated the planning Commission was looking at them as the orange MnDOT construction signs; keeping logo off kept the sign simple and consistent.

Bunting, clarified these are signs the businesses are paying for and putting up themselves. 

There was continued discussion on standard size and background color for the signs.  Bunting stated he would like to see some individuality for customers to see who the signs belong to.  Bunting stated he is also in favor of interchangeable banner signs.

Stahmer asked if the Council wanted to establish the geographic area, or have staff make a recommendation.

Grimm stated he would prefer seeing something from staff showing Council the area.

Bunting thanked staff and the Planning Commission for the proposed temporary sign ordinance.

Bell stated he likes the Delano ordinance included for reference; Council agreed.

Grimm suggested having sign options available for council to look at.

Bunting moved, Bell seconded a motion authorizing staff to prepare an ordinance for future council approval.  Motion carried 3-0.

      7.04  Discussion of City of Rogers Information Booth at Rockin’ Rogers
Grimm stated this is something that Steve Rauenhorst came to him with. 

Staff expressed their concern about holding an information booth when alcohol is being served at the event and suggested having the booth at the public safety open house. 

Grimm does think it is a good idea to have city representatives at community events. 

Stahmer stated he did hear back from Rauenhorst who is somewhat neutral to having it at Rockin’ Rogers. 

Council discussed closing the booth down early; prior to the bands/alcohol.

Council discussed tabling this item until Rauenhorst is back.

Bunting moved, Bell seconded a motion to table 7.04.  Motion carried 3-0.

      7.05  Discussion of Rogers Community Image Awards Program
Stahmer introduced the concept of a Community Image Award program and discussed the importance of property maintenance in the residential area; especially in the current real estate market and the number of vacant lots.  Stahmer assured Council that the program will not take away from ensuring code compliance regarding problem properties.  Stahmer stated it is a program that would recognize the residential and commercial property owners who are maintaining and improving their properties; putting something back into their community and property values. Stahmer stated it is anticipated to be a fairly simple program to administer.  Stahmer suggested the award be a certificate and possible small landscape rock recognizing those property owners.

Grimm asked who the judges are.  Stahmer stated anyone the council decides. 

Bell asked if it would be one per category.  Stahmer stated it depends on the number and type of nominations.  Bell stated it seems like a reasonable idea.

Grimm stated this would be a good practice of promoting the city and the properties.

Bunting moved, Bell seconded a motion to approve the program as presented.  Motion carried 3-0.

      7.06  Discussion on 2010 Clean Up Day
Stahmer explained salaried staff would again be staffing the clean-up day.  The proposed date is May 22nd. 

Grimm stated it is a good thing to keep doing.

Consensus of council was to proceed.

8.   Other Business.

9.   Correspondence and Reports
      9.01  Update on Transportation Task Force
      9.02  Joint Planning Board, Hassan Township and City of Rogers –
               Meeting Summary
      9.03  Park Board Minutes – Dec. 15, 2009 and Jan. 19, 2010
      9.04  December 2009 Preliminary Financial Reports
No action taken.

10. Adjourn
Motion by Bell, seconded by Bunting to adjourn at 7:54 p.m.  Motion carried 3-0.

Respectfully submitted,
Stacy Doboszenski
Assistant City Administrator/Clerk

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